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The Guiding Force – Pt. Prabhakar Chari

Pt. Prabhakar Chari, has left an indelible impression on Ravi Chary’s musical prowess. As a performer and an academician in Goa, Pandit ji was on a mission to share the rich legacy of Indian Classical Music with a discerning audience, especially the youth. Over 3 decades he taught Hindustani Music (Tabla) at a number of colleges and music institutions. Besides this, he even went on to organising events to enhance the reach of classical music amongst both, the connoisseurs as well as the uninitiated. Further, he established ‘Swaranjali’ a travelling musical group, taking performances to villages. All his efforts were duly recognised in 1983, and he received the State Cultural Award, Goa from the Governor. In 1986 he was honoured by the then President of India, Giani Zail Singh, during the silver jubilee celebration of Goa’s independence.


Pt. Prabhakar Chari – indeed a tough act to follow!

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