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Every artiste considers himself/herself a student for life, especially in the world of music, where the depths of the subject are unknown even to the masters. But having had a glimpse of this amazing art form, at some stage, an artiste feels compelled to share his knowledge with interested, talented disciples. Similarly, Ravi Chary also desired to take a few such dedicated aspirants of music, under his able wings, and expose them to the magic of Sitar playing. And thus, was established the Swar Sanskruti Music Academy.


Since its inception, the academy has been making efforts to promote and preserve the rich heritage of Hindustani Classical Music by:


  • Promoting young upcoming talent

  • Undertaking musical concerts, competitions and research

  • Providing financial assistance in the form of free tuitions to needy students, keen on pursuing music

  • Establishing book banks and libraries on the subject of music, to provide study material to the students


The academy adheres to the age-old teaching practices based on the Guru-Shishya Parampara, and endeavours to pass on the great pedigree of Hindustani Classical Music to future generations.

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