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A Performer. A Composer. An Innovator. A Collaborator. A Teacher. A Grammy award nominee. A GIMA award nominee.


Ravi Chary is all of this and more. The dedication he brings to each of these is incredible. He infuses a distinct energy as he performs each role. 


As a performer, Ravi Chary has created a special niche for himself. He is the first Sitarist to emerge from the beautiful landscape of Goa. When we speak of Goa, the things that flash through our minds is the natural beauty of the beaches, intoxicating music and serenity. Ravi Chary's music is endowed with all these qualities, lending itself to all kinds of listeners, thus making it accessible to a larger audience. 


Ravi is hugely inspired by his father and very first Guru, Late Pt. Prabhakar Chary, a noted Tabla player and a musicologist.


In Goa, Prof Abdul Karim Khan was the Guru to have initiated him into playing the Sitar. Soon after, Ravi Chary moved to Mumbai and began tutoring under the guidance of Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan. Even today, he continues to receive tutelage from Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan. 


As a composer and an innovator, Ravi Chary has explored the tremendous potential of the Sitar and has come up with some amazing musical offerings. Of these, 

'Ravi Chary Crossing' and the 'Sitar Symphony' are two of the most sought-after. 

As a soloist, Ravi Chary has performed at some of the most prestigious music festivals, both, in India and abroad. As an acknowledgement of his tireless efforts in spreading the joys of music, Ravi has received a fellowship from the ministry of HRD.


Blending his skilful art form with sounds of music from across the globe, Ravi Chary's musical collaborations are diverse. His initiation into world music was thanks to the percussion wizard, Trilok Gurtu.

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