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Ravi Chary has had the opportunities to perform alongside artistes with varied musical styles globally. 


Memorable collaborations with new age musicians such as Salif Keita, Kai Eckhardt, Angelique Kidjo, Ben Watkins, Pacco Sairre, Kudsi Eulgner, Robert Miles, and performances at various international festivals – WOMAD, Glastonbury, Bumbershoot, and others, gave Ravi Chary a glimpse of world music, which he seamlessly blended into. 


The mellifluous strains of his Sitar can even be heard in fusion and contemporary Jazz albums such as The Glimpse, African Fantasy, Beat of Love, Broken Rhythm, Moving Images, and others. 


Here’s a peep into the wonderful opportunities Ravi has had, collaborating with world music:

  • Ravi has performed on a massive barge with the likes of Huun-Huur-Tu (Tuvan throat singers) and Kim Duk-Soo (Korean percussionist) as part of a project in a harbour in Denmark led by the inimitable Trilok Gurtu.

  • He followed this up with an event in Norway again with Trilok Gurtu and Norwegian musicians Annbjørg Lien (violin) and Bjorn Ole Rasch (keyboard).

  • The Grammy nominated album "Miles from India" paid tribute to the world-renowned Jazz legend Miles Davis. This project was an assimilation of his (Miles Davis) work, retold by an ensemble of over thirty musicians. Ravi enjoyed the opportunity of being a part of the team that included gifted musicians like Louiz Banks, Wallace Roney, Jimmy Cobb, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin & many more.

  • Ravi grabbed the once in a lifetime offer to work with Ben Watkins (acclaimed music composer of The Matrix) as part of his musical act – Juno Reactor.

  • Ravi featured on a number of songs produced by Leslie Lewis & Karsh Kale for MTV Coke Studio and also performed with the rock band Zero for the television series – The Dewarists.

Ravi’s affinity for collaborating on Jazz projects came forth when he recorded with the famed Spanish Jazz band - Jaume Vilaseca Quartet, for their albums – ‘Mumbai’ & ‘Coming Home’. He even toured with them across various festivals, spanning five countries.

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