Ravi Chary Crossing & Sitar Symphony
by on October 6, 2019 in

Ravi Chary Crossing & Sitar Symphony is spearheaded by ace sitarist, Ravi Chary, a prominent name in the Indian Classical and World Fusion Music circuits.

He has played for the Grammy-nominated album ‘Miles from India’ and his ‘Ravi Chary Crossing’ was also nominated for GIMA.

The troupe has successfully completed around 100 shows worldwide, performing exclusively at some of the most prestigious public and private events. Owing to the recent popularity of the group, Ravi Chary Sitar Symphony performed for the Ambanis, ZEE Group, as well as noteworthy government shows.

Ravi Chary Crossing & Sitar Symphony has a history of leaving the audiences spellbound and is an ideal band that can be customised to be a perfect fit for a myriad of events.